• For your convenience, here is a link to that breakdown: casting.backstage.com

    12/19/2012  10:48am

    How busy is this call, appointments/alternate list, etc? Thanks.

    Harlequin 12/19/2012  9:54am

    Yup. Seeing non eq. 20 on emc list. They're up to 4.

    s. kat 12/19/2012  10:13am

    who will be in the room after lunch? thank you!

    toutafait 12/19/2012  10:39am

    Non eqs dismissed til after lunch

    s. kat 12/19/2012  11:33am

    Thanks for the updates guys. Does anyone know how long the non-eq list is so far?

    lazer6eam 12/19/2012  12:45pm

    Any afternoon appointments left?
    Thanks for an update.

    Harlequin 12/19/2012  12:50pm

    Lunch is over at 2pm. There are still equity appointments available after lunch. In the room is Lee Avant, Casting Assistant w/ Calleri.

    Opal 12/19/2012  1:27pm

    Calleri casting assistant Elise Kibler in room for afternoon

    toutafait 12/19/2012  2:21pm

    Non eqs dismissed abt 15 min ago

    s. kat 12/19/2012  3:55pm

    I'm curious, when you see a casting assistant in the room. . .does that usually mean there is no chance for it to go further vs. when the casting director is there, etc.

    Not griping. . .just curious.

    Ender 12/20/2012  12:02am

    Not necessarily, I once auditioned for an assistant, and going into the room, the vibe I was getting was that they weren't really looking for anyone, but to my utter amazement I ended up getting a callback for the main casting director and the director of the play, which resulted in yet another callback. Sorry if that came off as self-congratulatory, my point is, you never know as should keep an open mind!

    ToFormAMorePerfectUnion 12/20/2012  6:45am

    no need to apologize. . .you were answering the question (positively I might add)


    Ender 12/20/2012  7:41am