• American Music Theatre 2013 Season @ PA 12/20/2012  2:11am

    saw this on backstage and submitted a few days ago for their 2013 Season: "Broadway: Now and Forever" and their Christmas Show. i haven't heard back... has anyone received an appointment/ response for this yet?



    jmike 12/20/2012  4:45pm

    Also submitted and heard nothing...they do keep you on file though, as I have been called in months later from a previous submission.

    alwaysabridesmaid 12/20/2012  6:31pm

    I got a generic email saying they were reviewing my materials and will let me know if I match their needs.

    bkbway 12/20/2012  9:47pm

    I got the same generic email.

    Katattack 12/28/2012  4:28pm

    Has anyone heard anything past that generic email?

    thatguyatauditions 01/02/2013  11:06am

    They are holding auditions on January 13th, so I am sure they will not be responding to video submissions until after they have seen everyone.

    PresqueIsleGirl 01/02/2013  3:22pm

    Is this a Non Eq company or do they do AEA contracts?

    Xtinasings 01/02/2013  7:26pm

    They are a completely non equity company. They do tend to favor local talent.

    singforyoursupper 01/02/2013  8:01pm

    Has anyone from NYC worked here before? I didn't see any posts on G&T about it and am just curious about the housing situation other details like that. Any info would be great! Thanks!!

    justbreathe 01/09/2013  12:36pm

    They are a concert contract- so they hire both equity and non. If you can, go to the audition. However if you can't- I know that they hire off of videos as well- so don't sweat it!

    Popsoplc77 01/10/2013  7:47am