• Disney Cruise Line Character Performer @ Pearl Studios 12/21/2012  4:00am

    Soooooo out of 100 plus there was about 20 or so left and we filled out the applications and got pictures taken. Yay we survived the day and we all were told we could leave. I've seen the singers posting about call backs for shows. Does anyone know about the character performers or when we can expect to hear? Or has anyone heard? Contracts start in march so has to be soon right?


    Yeahhh.... I have nooo idea. I do know that Disney likes to keep headshots and resumes on file for like, a year.

    I was told that rehearsals for the cruiseships start in Canada in January. (And the ships sail in March.) They said that they wanted to have everything cast by Christmas, but they might be running a little late. We can only cross our fingers and hope, someday now, that they get back to us.

    dgen293 01/02/2013  11:47pm

    Ok thanks. Yea I'm pretty sure that the rehearsal start in march and they sail May through November especially looking at the itinerary online and my friend is on the cruise now and he said he's not expected to do hand over until April/ May ish. Who knows well see. Everyone that posted seemed to be a singer with an agent. Hopefully us character performer folk will hear soon

    Gmoorehead 01/03/2013  1:02am

    was wondering the same thing! haven't heard anyone say anything about character performers!

    ravenbird 01/08/2013  12:32pm