• STEP IT UP classes @ Telsey 12/27/2012  12:05am

    Has anyone ever done one of the "STEP IT UP" classes at Telsey?
    How was it? Is it worth the money?

    Thanks for any help!


    I did the Seth Klar-Heyn on night class and it was GREAT! Seth helps you bring a fresh perspective to your audition song of choice. He's super nice AND fun!

    singsing3 12/27/2012  12:52am

    I took Rachel Hoffman's 2 week class. She is great. A good teacher. She gives you material to work on. A very positive and supporting but honest teaching environment. I would recommend doing a two week class over a one week class. Part of the reason you are taking the class is to build a relationship with the casting directors or agents. I don't feel like you can do it as well with just one week. If you are going to spend the money, I think the two week classes are the way to go.

    sngrgirl1 12/27/2012  9:46am