• Northshore @ 12/28/2012  2:56am

    Does Northshore do a Non-AEA day? I know since it's like the entire season it might be a bit of a madhouse, but I really want to get seen by them, so I just want to go ahead and scout it out myself.


    I think they do an open day in Boston. Only sometimes in NYC depending on the shows/what they need.

    You are much more likely to get seen at a dance ECC than the crazy EPAs or singer calls.

    But also, they usually have individual calls closer to each production going up. So if you don't get in for the full season just wait for them to come back for the show you are absolutely right for.

    JJ 12/28/2012  9:55am

    Just try getting there early their first day...I was number 3 on the emc list on the first day of EPA's last year, and I got seen within the first 2 hours. This might of been freakish luck, but from what I understand things were pretty consistently slow that first day.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 12/28/2012  11:13am

    Have worked there as Non eq, they will have and open call or each show this EPA, Is pretty pointless they will have agent appointments for eachshow as well as an ecc and open call for each show!

    Jdance 12/28/2012  12:48pm