• WICKED @ 315 West 43rd Street, 10th Floor 12/28/2012  4:39pm

    I am a Non-Eq male who really wants to audition for the ECC for singers. On the post it says they want Males and females, 20s – 40s. I am 19 years old. Can I still qualify for the ensemble? I believe that I have what it takes to do this!

    Also, what are the chances that I will be able to audition?

    If anyone can help me I would truly appreciate it! Thanks guys! :)


    The most wonderful thing about theater is that your actual age (for the most part) does not matter. If you look 20-40's go for it!

    Now, I've never been to a WICKED call but one could imagine it is probably a hit or miss with how many people show up. I don't know if this is their required call or if they are genuinely looking for people. Either way, just make sure to be the first person on the non eq list. So, get there bright and early and hope for the best!!!! Break a leg!

    Nattalyee 12/28/2012  4:50pm

    They frequently type at Wicked calls, which means non-eq cannot be seen.

    It has been historically very difficult for non-eq men and women to be seen for Wicked. This summer a call was less busy, and they saw some non-eq, but that is definitely the exception to the rule.

    RoadMap 12/29/2012  11:17pm

    For male non equity, does anyone have a good estimated time to show up? To be first (just incase they dont type out)

    I usually do there EPAs so I dont know if men will show up like they do then....aka like before 7am.


    Abbreviate 01/03/2013  12:15am

    A general rule of thumb for our non-eq brethren out there: when it comes to signing up for auditions, the earlier the better! I always thought it was better to get up early and be at the top of the list than to sleep in a bit and maybe have that cost you an audition.

    hjo214 01/03/2013  1:41am