• Sacramento Music Circus Singers ECC (2/1) @ Pearl Studios 12/30/2012  11:49pm

    Hi All,

    This will be my first year auditioning for Music Circus. Does anybody know if they cast primarily local actors for the ensemble? Or do they cast non-locals and house? Simply curious.

    Thank you fellow actors!



    screltingthrulife 01/03/2013  5:44pm

    What does bump mean? I see people post this all the time and I have no idea what it means...

    cookie 01/03/2013  9:50pm

    Simply means one is commenting on the thread in order to 'bump' the topic to the top of the page. This way hopefully more people will see the post and reply!

    screltingthrulife 01/03/2013  11:27pm