• Greenbrier Valley Theatre @ Abingdon 01/03/2013  9:27am

    Hi there - any word on this one this morning? Is it super busy? How are appointments/EMC, etc. looking? Thank you for any 411! :)


    Pretty darn empty over here. They are willing to see non-union time permitting and unless there is a freakish rush, that should happen sooner rather than later.

    FairyPerdita 01/03/2013  9:37am

    Thank you FairyPerdita! If it suddenly has a freakish rush, please keep us updated if you can! And break a leg! :)

    Actingismylife 01/03/2013  9:41am

    They are seeing nonequity now before the call begins.

    FairyPerdita 01/03/2013  9:42am

    And gave the 10 am group the option of going early....so be ready!!! Both union and nonunion!

    FairyPerdita 01/03/2013  9:45am

    non union come back after lunch

    missstarlight 01/03/2013  11:28am

    And lunch is from...?

    parislover 01/03/2013  11:48am

    How's it looking for afternoon appointments? Still empty?

    Harlequin 01/03/2013  2:02pm

    Doing to whole back and forth thing today... Can someone say when they start seeing non eq?

    updateme100 01/03/2013  3:21pm

    They've reached non eq list

    s. kat 01/03/2013  4:21pm

    Does anyone know what number they're on for the non-eq list?

    Bea 01/03/2013  4:27pm

    Hey! Anyone know how many non-eq they got through today? Just trying to figure out if I'm going to try again tomorrow. Thanks!

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 01/03/2013  9:28pm

    On the breakdown it says their is unannounced musical that needs African Americans who can move well and sing Rock N Roll...I have my guess on what show this could be but did anyone who auditioned today happen to see what musical it is?

    Nattalyee 01/03/2013  10:02pm

    I'm told that as of 3:30 - everyone who wanted to be seen was seen and people were getting appointments as soon as they walked in. No sure if that means everyone who needed to be seen before lunch was seen - but it was empty in the afternoon.

    FairyPerdita 01/03/2013  10:40pm

    On first day of Greenbrier - all Equity seen (no problem - appts. available through end of the day), all EMCs seen by mid-afternoon, 22 Non-Eqs seen by the end of the day. Obviously today could be an entirely different story.

    dmd123 01/04/2013  7:55am

    Noneq list is up to 30 at 10:45 on Friday the 4th!

    PolkaDots 01/04/2013  10:42am

    Can someone post once they've gotten through the EMC list and are starting to see non equity? Thanks!

    parislover 01/04/2013  2:21pm