• Peter and the Starcatcher @ NWS @ Ripley Grier 520 01/03/2013  4:56pm

    Anyone have a hunch on chances for Non-eq's at the upcoming Peter and the Starcatcher's epa's? My guess is slim.


    You never know...thinkn' chances are slim. BUT, they're doing 3 days of auditions, so then again...

    ...crap-shoot as usual.

    I AM BATMAN 01/04/2013  1:13am

    Anyone know how much of the current broadway cast is sticking with the show?

    retrograde 01/04/2013  1:59am

    I'm not sure about the other cast members, but when I saw the show in October 2012 I talked to Celia Keenan-Bolger (Molly Aster) and she said once P&SC moves in 2013 she was going to Boston to work on another show because she got another opportunity. That was back in October so maybe her plans have changed, but that is what she said!

    student 01/04/2013  12:00pm

    I imagine that non equity should have a good chance if you go on a day when there are lots of other auditions going on the same day. Hopefully there will be some free spots.

    Abbreviate 01/04/2013  9:19pm

    student - That still stands. She's doing Glass Menagerie at American Repertory Theatre.

    kb 01/04/2013  10:36pm