• Sleep No More @ 01/04/2013  9:23pm

    Hi all.

    So does anybody have more information about this show. Not really about what I can find online, but from an actors point of view.

    I dont really know if its equity or non, the pay, etc.

    Any tips on it as a job.



    If you're talking about punchdrunk.org.uk's off-Broadway "Sleep No More" @ The McKittrick Hotel, the audition process is interesting. It's like working on film rather than theater, and heavy non-verbal improv.

    rennicalliope 01/05/2013  12:14pm

    What is the audition like? Should an actor who is not a dancer audition for this show?

    Doggy 01/08/2013  7:39am

    I auditioned for them in the past and YES definitely audition as an Actor. They have you do movement around the space and react to things and people around you. Unless they changed it since then, but in my experience its not very heavy choreography or anything more improvisation moving through the space.

    Pinuptowngirl 01/09/2013  3:09am

    Anyone going tomorrow? What time do people start showing up?

    0036 01/11/2013  7:57pm

    Pinuptowngirl - how long did the audition take? I'm going to the call tomorrow but I'd also like to make it to the singer-dancer call at 1 for the Palace Theater...do you think it'll last more than 3 hours?

    singerswhodance 01/13/2013  12:06pm

    is this an old post? There's no year listed with this but I'm very curious to know if it's still relevant...

    rockyraccoon 01/13/2014  1:24am

    Hold up- I thought 'Sleep No More' was an invited audition? Where is there an open call for this today?

    Lord I am trying to fit in 3 other auditions...

    Rain On my Parade 01/13/2014  7:01am