• Stages St Louis @ Actor's Equity Center 01/07/2013  3:39pm

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been discussed already... with the new building construction the AEA website says to line up at the old W. 46th street entrance but the new entrance is in the visitors center, does anyone know how this works? Or maybe I'll just wait until the building opens to avoid confusion haha! (That is 8AM right? Am I crazy?)

    AuditionUpdate 01/07/2013  4:44pm

    Additional question regarding tomorrow's call....

    Historically, does anyone know if Stages usually sees or doesn't see EMC and/or Noneq?

    I know some theatres are more likely to than others.

    Much appreciated!

    sing_happy 01/07/2013  8:55pm

    There it is!! Thank you Tom!!

    causeimablonde 01/07/2013  9:14pm

    How many non-eq on the list? Are they seeing non-eq?

    dancingyogi 01/08/2013  7:26am

    Not seeing non eq but can leave a resume

    NJNY 01/08/2013  10:47am

    Any appointments left for the morning? Alternate list?

    wherebrooklyn@ 01/08/2013  10:51am

    The site says there is an open call, but the dates aren't correct. Does anyone know where is is?

    JustJudy 01/08/2013  4:08pm