• Good News- Open Call @ Pearl Studios 01/08/2013  4:54pm

    So... the girls call isn't until 2. What time are people going to show up to sign in?


    This is for tomorrow, 1/9. Sorry

    LadyLuck 01/08/2013  4:55pm

    The dancer call for this is 1/10...Thursday. (Or at least that is what is listed on equity.)

    FairyPerdita 01/08/2013  8:40pm

    The Equity dancer call is Thursday, but there is an open dancer call Wednesday.

    nyc1etoile 01/08/2013  9:07pm

    For the non-eq call, I will probably arrive at around 11. Would love to get in and out and book it!

    alwaysabridesmaid 01/08/2013  9:26pm

    Wouldn't we all, alwaysabridesmaid....

    MaxiFord 01/09/2013  12:01am

    Isn't there an audition on Monday 1/14 as well?

    heythere90 01/09/2013  9:10am