• Marvelous Wonderettes @ Mill Mountain Theatre @ 01/10/2013  12:28pm

    Did anyone else see the repeat breakdown posted on Playbill?

    Have appointments gone out yet?

    Shall we all submit ten more times?


    I haven't heard back yet either... I assume they're gonna wait for this second round of submissions

    iamplayingme 01/10/2013  1:37pm

    I received an e-mail yesterday (Jan. 9th) with an appointment time for Monday, Jan. 21st

    Beebe Bluff 01/10/2013  1:56pm

    I sent mine late last night, so maybe that's part of it. Oh well

    iamplayingme 01/10/2013  1:58pm

    There's also nothing on their gig & tell page. Insight into this company anyone?

    iamplayingme 01/10/2013  2:00pm

    Have had a couple friends receive appointments, although they were emailed on different days. Maybe the theatre is doing rolling submissions? Have heard great things about Mill Mountain, though . . . good luck, girls!

    mboi 01/10/2013  2:20pm

    Hi all! Those that have received appointments, are you non-equity or AEA?

    MissJulie 01/10/2013  2:25pm

    I'm AEA

    Beebe Bluff 01/10/2013  3:04pm

    Looking for more information about the theatre itself? visit millmountain.org

    CalebCopper 01/10/2013  4:42pm

    have an appt. for the 21st - AEA

    redleatheryellowleather 01/10/2013  6:51pm

    Did any non-equity/EMC ladies receive appointments?

    r6 01/10/2013  8:34pm

    Yes. A few have.

    dancer0509 01/10/2013  10:26pm

    I did for the 21st...Im EMC

    byallmeans 01/10/2013  10:59pm


    r6 01/10/2013  11:23pm

    Mill Mountain Theatre is in Roanoke, Virginia. Awesome place to work. Housing is amazing and they are super sweet and take care of their cast and crews. Would LOVE to go back to MMT!

    Workinghard2013 01/11/2013  12:03am

    I'm non eq and got an appointment for the 21st!! Hearing through the grapevine a lot of great things about this place. Fingers crossed!

    57934A 01/11/2013  4:43pm

    AEA. Which roles are y'all going in for? What a cute show!

    countonme123 01/11/2013  5:43pm

    How long did it take for you to get a response? I sent mine in 2 days ago and have not heard anything. Non-eq.

    PresqueIsleGirl 01/12/2013  5:53pm

    Worked with this director twice in the past, both which were wonderful experiences.

    mask 01/14/2013  4:24pm