• Peter & the Starcatcher Day 3(Sunday) @ Ripley Grier 520 01/13/2013  7:46am

    So how is it looking for non equity today. I know they haven't seen any non equity at all so far, does today look any better?


    Also, how's the AEA line? Should we be thinking of getting there early or do you think appointments will be open if we get there after 9am? Thanks :)

    countonme123 01/13/2013  7:50am

    According to a friend in line now, ton of people outside already this Sunday morning, assuming most are non equity, so if your not there yet, expect to be far back in the line and list once signals start

    GorillaActor 01/13/2013  7:51am

    The 16th fl lobby is packed. Assuming most are non-eq, but the 'line' is mixed. My recommendation: if you are eq, come in after they open the doors. If you are non-eq, there's many people ahead of you, I believe. Hope that helps!

    luckystar1354 01/13/2013  8:15am

    Yesterday there were AEA auditions all day, people came in at 4 and didn't have a problem.

    Actor156 01/13/2013  8:35am

    Any hard intel in the Equity/EMC/non-Eq split?

    thejollyraja 01/13/2013  8:55am

    How many EMCs so far?

    ShopGirl 01/13/2013  9:28am

    50 on the EMC list, 50+ non eq so far. Slots for AEA at the beginning of the day are going, but there are still quite a few open.

    NeverSleep 01/13/2013  9:34am

    First avail is 1:10, but there are slots available throughout the afternoon so you can still watch either game.

    (Go Falcons!)

    thejollyraja 01/13/2013  10:21am

    Please let us know if they start calling EMCs or non-eq! Thanks :)

    ShopGirl 01/13/2013  10:45am

    Flying through the (rather short) alternate list. They called 2 EMC. Non eq they said to come back after lunch.

    thejollyraja 01/13/2013  10:49am

    Roughly how many non are on the list? Would it be worth it to sign up at this point for the afternoon?

    lincolnlhayes 01/13/2013  11:37am

    They are up to number 7 on the EMC list. Yay!

    GoTeam 01/13/2013  11:45am

    Roughly how many non are on the list? Would it be worth it to sign up at this point for the afternoon?

    lincolnlhayes 01/13/2013  11:47am

    Who's in the room today?

    actoria 01/13/2013  12:00pm


    Obviously, this may have changed, but when I got there at 9:30-ish, the non-eq list was at about 60 or so. Hope that's helpful!

    heythere90 01/13/2013  12:02pm

    They are up to 10 on the EMC list. The monitors said all nonequity and all EMCs above 20 are released for lunch.

    GoTeam 01/13/2013  12:33pm

    So, I know this is The Question, but does anyone know if they're thinking there's any chance non-eqs will be seen after lunch?

    nyc24601 01/13/2013  12:36pm

    I'm non-equ, just dropped off my resume because the monitor said getting seen at this point was unlikely. Next time, I guess.

    lincolnlhayes 01/13/2013  12:40pm


    Thank you!

    nyc24601 01/13/2013  12:44pm

    Can someone please post what number they are up to on the EMC list by the time 1:30 rolls around? Thanks!

    oqodurgl 01/13/2013  12:55pm

    How far did they get through EMCs before lunch?

    ShopGirl 01/13/2013  1:35pm

    They have 5 equity alternates and have called number 10 on the EMC list.

    GoTeam 01/13/2013  2:44pm

    Could someone post who's in the room today? Thanks!

    actoria 01/13/2013  3:29pm

    Non-eqs have apparently been released, but can leave H/R. Friend at the auditions texted me.

    nyc24601 01/13/2013  4:20pm