• LTOTS "Les Miserables" Enjolras Submission @ 01/13/2013  2:37pm

    Has anyone submitted for the audition tomorrow and received an appointment?


    I got an email from them about a day after I submitted. They also attached sides and gave me an appointment time.

    jsclifford 01/13/2013  4:52pm

    Received and email after submitting with sides and a time slot

    NJNY 01/13/2013  5:29pm

    I recently heard LTOTS doesn't possess the rights to Les Mis...so...

    blewis396 01/13/2013  8:00pm

    It isn't on MTI's website or LTOTS' website. Does seem weird...

    lukefish 01/13/2013  8:28pm

    It's not that weird. They haven't released any of their shows for 2013.

    Smactor 01/13/2013  11:57pm

    How did everyone's room go?

    I sang my two pieces and that was about it.

    Anybody else have anything more?

    slapchopsnuggie 01/15/2013  10:40am

    Went pretty much the same. There's a thread in callback corner to post if anyone hears anything!

    thatguyatauditions 01/15/2013  10:58am