• Beauty & the Beast @ Pearl Studios 01/14/2013  9:27am

    What's the line/list looking like for Beauty & the Beast???


    For your convenience, here is a link to that audition listing on Backstage.com:

    01/14/2013  11:05am

    Hell. Almost to 400. So. Many. Belle. Bows.

    Pinch89 01/14/2013  9:37am

    Hahhaha. That. made.my.morning.

    Bumblebee1 01/14/2013  9:41am

    Are they typing? Has Bob talked to anyone yet?

    pennyforyourthoughts 01/14/2013  9:42am

    8 bars, probably not typing, closing the list soon (though yes, unofficial list honored), collected headshot/resumes up to #34, lots of no shows. And agreed, many belle bows :p

    mousedance 01/14/2013  9:56am

    No typing. Best 8 bars. :)

    greenlantern 01/14/2013  9:58am

    Does anyone know what number they've called up to? Thanks!

    Squeak 01/14/2013  10:34am

    Friend there in next group
    And she in late70-mid 80

    Bumblebee1 01/14/2013  11:07am

    People who are there- when did you get there and what number are you? Trying to plan for tmrw. Thanks

    tinabelcher 01/14/2013  11:20am

    Walterwhite - got here at 8:45 and I'm number 282. Hope that helps.

    TuLitaPepsi 01/14/2013  11:29am

    I got there at six and was number 33.

    PresqueIsleGirl 01/14/2013  11:30am

    What number are they on now?

    nina2301 01/14/2013  11:46am

    Bump? What number? Moving quickly? Strict on 8 bars?

    forbiddenbroadway 01/14/2013  12:12pm

    Anyone write who is in the room?

    perkypants 01/14/2013  12:19pm

    Called through 185ish

    byallmeans 01/14/2013  12:28pm

    too many blondes, too many bows, and just too many girls. @Broadway_betch #followme

    broadwaybetch 01/14/2013  12:39pm

    Did anyone receive sides or were people just asked to stay to dance?

    hashtagoverit 01/14/2013  12:40pm

    I did not receive sides either they just told me to come bak tomorrow to dance

    sum1uknow 01/14/2013  1:06pm

    No one is getting sides, I don't think. Some people are being asked to return tomorrow afternoon.

    dyinaintsobad 01/14/2013  1:15pm

    can someone please update as to what number they've called up to? thanks!

    jenniferg13 01/14/2013  1:52pm

    I have a friend who was called back for Belle; she is going back on Thursday or Friday they told her she would be receiving a packet of sides and songs through email.

    screltingthrulife 01/14/2013  1:52pm

    Out of curiosity for those of us men who plan on showing up bright and early tomorrow morning: What was the waiting like? When did you actually get in the building? Was there a long long outside of the building before they let you in? I heard that once everyone got in, you were told you weren't allowed to sit in the hallways because of fire code (lol, if anyone of you saw the 17th floor at RG today for Palace, all it was was people sitting shoulder to shoulder all over the floor. The poor staff there...) What time did sign up start? (Official and unofficial even though I loath unofficial lists). Any other comments about today's experience? I am guessing thought that tomorrow will be a little lighter of a turn out (which is probably why they asked the girls to come back to dance tomorrow afternoon).

    AaronBooth89 01/14/2013  3:46pm

    Ppl started signing the unofficial list at 4:30am and there was a line started by 5:30am. It was insanity. They let us in the door at 7:10am and the monitor didn't show up till ten min before the audition was supposed to start she did honor the unifficial list so I would assume the same will happen for the guys. Although I'm also sure it won't be nearly as crowded. Best of luck to all! Hope this helps!

    sum1uknow 01/15/2013  1:18am