• Good News ECC @ Pearl Studios 01/14/2013  9:33am

    How is this call looking? Any updates would be appreciated!


    For your convenience, here is a link to that audition posting on Backstage.com:

    01/14/2013  11:09am

    Are they seeing non-eq?

    heythere90 01/14/2013  9:38am

    Are they seeing EMCs or non-eqs?

    AJMose 01/14/2013  10:24am

    Are they asking people to stay and dance in the room?

    Pinwheel 01/14/2013  11:12am

    Who is in the room?

    nynysinger 01/14/2013  11:27am

    are they seeing non eq?

    Actorshelpingactors 01/14/2013  12:02pm

    The men's call was at 10 with a dance call at 12, so we are assuming the women's dance call should be on a similar schedule. Non eq list is at 60.

    Kmawiggy 01/14/2013  12:46pm

    Just signed up. Number 62 on non eq list. Some alternates to be seen and 16 EMC. Monitor said she will see some non eq but not sure on what time...

    Actorshelpingactors 01/14/2013  1:19pm

    Whoops wrong show! This is for Abingdon!

    Actorshelpingactors 01/14/2013  1:20pm

    Any news on whether or not they'll see non-eq?

    nyauditioner 01/14/2013  2:47pm

    They had an EMC list?? Really?
    I thought ECCs only have equity and non eq.....

    MaxiFord 01/14/2013  4:22pm