• I was at the noon dance call and they were running on time. It was so fun!!!

    Kennelady 01/14/2013  2:00pm

    are monologues really happening??

    getyourshttogethercarol 01/15/2013  3:55pm

    I did my song/monologue today and was about on time, maybe a few minutes late. No more than 5 minutes.

    They asked for my monologue while the music director looked through my book for a 2nd song. Seems like that happened to many auditioners. Best of luck!

    MaxiFord 01/15/2013  4:23pm

    That happened to me too! A touch terrifying.

    Anyone know when they'll be telling people if they're called back?

    Kennelady 01/15/2013  4:57pm

    ahh ok, thanks for the info!!

    getyourshttogethercarol 01/15/2013  6:24pm