• Anybody?

    LadyLuck 01/15/2013  8:43am

    Yes people are there and have started a list. When I signed up for the singer call around 8am the list was up to 13.

    littleone 01/15/2013  8:46am

    39 on the dance list. 40 on the singer list.

    LadyLuck 01/15/2013  9:11am

    How does the singer list look? I won't be able to get there until about 12:30. Have they talked of closing it before then?

    GingerSinger 01/15/2013  10:20am

    Bump please

    LilMermaid66 01/15/2013  12:26pm

    The list is up to #139 and still open

    littleone 01/15/2013  12:31pm

    Have any groups been called?

    LilMermaid66 01/15/2013  1:06pm

    They called up to #67. I just signed up 10 mins ago , list was still open

    TipToes 01/15/2013  1:22pm

    How is this going today? What have been the experiences with callbacks?

    auditionz 01/15/2013  3:29pm

    They had people come back to sing, then after that had people dance again.

    LadyLuck 01/15/2013  5:23pm