• Mamma Mia SINGER ECC - dance first??? @ Ripley Grier 520 01/15/2013  7:32pm

    OK, so I THINK this is just a mistake the Equity staff made when putting the info on the website, but if you click through to the breakdown for tomorrow morning's SINGER call for Mamma Mia, it says all will DANCE first. What?! I assume that was info sort of "left over" from the DANCER call that was on the 14th, that was added to the singer call preparation accidentally, but if anyone has any insight about this, please speak up! Thanks!

    answering while I'm cranky

    GREAT question! Anyone have an idea? Anybody? Bueller?

    Everyonecanwin 01/15/2013  11:18pm

    I'm planning on bringing stuff for either. Hopefully it's just a mistake, but we'll see? Bump?

    womanship 01/15/2013  11:25pm

    I think ( t h i n k ) it's a mistake.
    I will probably bring some dance clothes (some singer-who-moves clothes) , just in case!

    Thia 01/15/2013  11:35pm

    I think everyone dances and if they like your dance they ask you to stay and sing.

    AR12 01/16/2013  7:45am

    Anyone there yet? What's the line like?

    LegsMcGee 01/16/2013  8:09am

    non eq was at 12 around 7:30. i left, though, so that's all i know.

    singitsweetly 01/16/2013  8:24am