• Merry Go Round Playhouse @ Nola Studios 01/15/2013  9:01pm

    I know this isn't happening for a bit but does anyone have a history of auditioning for Merry Go Round Playhouse. I'm wondering if they usually see non eqs on their ECC days. I'm trying to get home to RI on the day of the EPA for another audition (and a puppy bowl party) and I'm wondering what my chances are of getting seen at the ECC. thanks


    They MAY see you time permitting. Also they usually do a non-Equity day, not sure if it's been posted yet. Also, be sure to submit for an appt -- they have to hire a number of non-Eqs so they definitely will consider

    dopplegang 01/15/2013  9:59pm

    There is information regarding non eq calls on their website

    MRR3825 01/16/2013  11:32am