• Venice @ Chelsea Studios 01/16/2013  7:00pm

    OK, guys. Let's be real here: how early are people getting to this guy tomorrow? Is this gonna be a "hate all the things waiting on line outside Chelsea at 7AM" sort of deal?


    Well the last two days I set my alarm a little later and I was #100,000,000 in line, so it looks like I'll be standing in the cold tomorrow....

    redredrose 01/16/2013  7:40pm

    What is this?

    Smactor 01/16/2013  8:01pm

    I'll be there early. Ish. It's posted on broadwayworld for tomorrow's auditions. (: I'm sure it's on playbill, too.

    armeaffe 01/16/2013  8:13pm

    Anybody there yet?

    librasinger 01/17/2013  7:01am

    Two of us here in the 151 lobby. Come party with the cool kids.

    thejollyraja 01/17/2013  7:05am

    Less than 20 ppl in line outside Chelsea, and it's almost 8 - I guess those Les Miz and Carousel calls really did a number on morale this week ;). Come on down, guys!

    LCLLLady 01/17/2013  7:50am

    They just let us up. 25 people here, mix of Equity and non.

    thejollyraja 01/17/2013  8:01am

    How is it looking now? Still not a ton of people there?

    ticklemeplease 01/17/2013  8:33am

    There are about 55 people here.

    librasinger 01/17/2013  8:35am

    Any update on how this is looking would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    TitsMcGee 01/17/2013  10:19am

    There are now 21 on the EMC list and they haven't called any of the alternates.

    Sarahbelum 01/17/2013  10:29am

    They called two emc.

    armeaffe 01/17/2013  10:49am

    4 emc now.

    armeaffe 01/17/2013  10:52am

    Any update on how this is looking would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    TitsMcGee 01/17/2013  11:16am

    Sorry! Didn't mean to post that again! Thank you for the updates!

    TitsMcGee 01/17/2013  11:19am

    Any AEA appointments still avail or are they on the alternate list? thanks!

    iheartny 01/17/2013  11:23am

    How many EMCs have they called now?

    HolidaeIn 01/17/2013  11:27am

    Moving through AEA alternates nicely.

    Gypsy5758 01/17/2013  11:44am

    Non eqs told to come back after lunch at 230

    Texasgirly 01/17/2013  12:17pm

    Hey question guys - who was in the room?

    LCLLLady 01/17/2013  12:23pm

    Hey all, is the non-eq list still open to sign up? I didn't think I'd make this call today, but now that they're seeing non-eq after lunch, I'm wondering if it's worth it to run down there and sign-up.

    musicmonsterr 01/17/2013  1:06pm

    Can someone post how many EMCs were seen before lunch? Thanks!

    ashley07148 01/17/2013  1:08pm

    They saw the first 10 emc before lunch

    Texasgirly 01/17/2013  1:39pm

    Appointments available starting at 3:50. Alternate list moving quickly.

    redredrose 01/17/2013  2:24pm

    Are they still seeing non eq?

    auditoneree123 01/17/2013  4:13pm

    Up to #4 on non-eq list.

    anabanana0714 01/17/2013  4:29pm