• Mormon @ Ripley Grier 929 01/17/2013  12:33am

    ive always avoided this because of the heavy turnout and the tapping, but i wonder, with them only looking for white men in the morning, do non eqs usually get seen?


    I was wondering the same thing. And what time are non-eqs going to start showing up in the morning? 9:45? pleeeease? ;)

    xoxox 01/17/2013  2:30am

    Any girls there yet signing up for the female call at 230? Trying to sign up on the list before work! Any info would be appreciated!

    Nattalyee 01/17/2013  7:44am

    No girls yet! You should just stop by and start one. They are pretty good about honoring them now adays

    Abbreviate 01/17/2013  8:07am

    What's it looking like so far? Busy, slow?

    waiting4work 01/17/2013  8:25am

    Ten am male non eq unofficial list is at 35

    AR12 01/17/2013  8:26am

    Equity website says this call is at 520 8th Ave, not 929 8th Ave. Which is correct?

    aprince4whatever 01/17/2013  8:56am

    Not a lot of African American males here... They are seeing both Mormons and African villagers today.

    updateme100 01/17/2013  8:58am

    53 on the non eq list and the monitor is accepting it

    BFAinServing 01/17/2013  9:20am

    Any announcement about non-eq??

    unofficiallister 01/17/2013  9:59am

    Did they close the male call yet? When?

    Theaterbond 01/17/2013  10:12am

    Non-eq mens list is up to 75, I signed up about 5 mins ago

    TipToes 01/17/2013  10:43am


    unofficiallister 01/17/2013  10:58am

    Non union is being seen :)

    bb787 01/17/2013  11:27am

    Any update on non-eq? Are they going to be seen?

    jph 01/17/2013  11:28am

    Hey guys have any ladies showed up yet, mainly the African village types?

    BreakingBadBaby 01/17/2013  11:35am

    lol, isn't that the only female type?

    Everyonecanwin 01/17/2013  11:58am

    Have they taken any non-eq in yet?

    unofficiallister 01/17/2013  12:08pm

    Oh yea your right lol!

    BreakingBadBaby 01/17/2013  12:09pm

    Called 6 EMCs, 30 on the list

    38 non eqs on the non eq list

    Yzarif 01/17/2013  12:19pm

    Sorry wrong post!

    Yzarif 01/17/2013  12:47pm

    I was number 3 on the non eq list and I got seen at noon. It was lookin like they were going to see most if not all non eqs. There were only 72 equity members that showed up

    AaronBooth89 01/17/2013  12:52pm