• Musicals in Mofti @ 01/17/2013  8:30am

    Does anyone know if these folks are seeing non-eq women? If so, what does the line look like, and how early did people start lining up?? Thanks!


    Looks like EMC at around 7, non eq list maybe up to 10? Monitor isn''t here yet, but not too crowded at the moment.

    cait889 01/17/2013  8:32am

    Thanks! Can you post approx. what time they start seeing the non-eq women? If at all?

    Anwentworth 01/17/2013  8:37am

    Line is curving the corner if the room but its pretty organized in here. I'm guessing a little over 100 people total

    Yzarif 01/17/2013  8:57am

    I have a question!!

    Im an EMC. When I'm looking at contract agreement information in a breakdown, how do I know if their agreement even allows for non-eq performers? There are so many regional theaters that do. For a gig like this, I feel like the answer will be no. But how do I know for sure? And how can I tell in the future?

    HolidaeIn 01/17/2013  10:00am

    First of all, this is not a regional theater. It is an Off-Broadway ANTC agreement. Pretty sure you have to be an AEA member to participate. But they are able to hire non-Eq actors and give them their card!

    dopplegang 01/17/2013  10:15am

    Any update on appts, alternates, EMC? How's it going here?


    Baruch1 01/17/2013  10:50am

    Seeing emc and non eq time permitting

    cait889 01/17/2013  11:03am

    Status on Non-Eq list please??

    nina2301 01/17/2013  11:03am

    Seeing emc and non eq time permitting

    cait889 01/17/2013  11:03am

    Long shot...any Equity appts left?

    Thank you.

    Snarky 01/17/2013  11:10am

    Yes, are there Equity appt left? These EPAs are usually really chill and Equity can walk in almost all day and get a slot.

    Songsstresss 01/17/2013  11:26am

    Could someone please update this when they start on the emc/non-eq? Thank you!

    Ashinthecity 01/17/2013  11:32am

    First 2 emc were seen with 11:30 group

    cait889 01/17/2013  11:35am

    First 2 emc were seen with 11:30 group

    cait889 01/17/2013  11:35am

    Seeing lots of AEA alternates, lovely in the room and monitors, getting through people yet taking their time. Enjoy!

    Gypsy5758 01/17/2013  11:43am

    How many names are on the EMC list and the non eq list? I'm wondering the chancres of getting seen if I were to add my name to the list now...

    parislover 01/17/2013  11:51am

    35ish on EMC. 45ish on NonEq. 4 on Alternate List A.

    Fifteen or so appts left in afternoon for Equity.

    Great fast monitors.

    Snarky 01/17/2013  12:43pm

    Non-eq update please??

    nina2301 01/17/2013  2:19pm

    Still only seen 6 EMC , but only About 3-4 alternates left

    Yzarif 01/17/2013  3:11pm

    Not seeing non-eq today

    Mymozza 01/17/2013  3:53pm

    can anyone tell me if they honored the unofficial list or if you have to be there to sign in?

    Lola huds 01/17/2013  11:52pm

    Predictions on non-eq chances today (friday)?

    MaeDay 01/18/2013  2:18am