• I dunno mate. I'm still in bed. Ask me in an hour or so.

    DanZimb88 01/18/2013  7:36am

    Non Eq unofficial list up to 14

    Pinuptowngirl 01/18/2013  8:24am

    Room is packed--equity is in a long line.

    parislover 01/18/2013  8:25am

    And despite what the sign in the elevators may say, it is indeed at 500. (I'm hoping they changed the sign by now but do not be fooled!)

    FairyPerdita 01/18/2013  8:40am

    How are appointments looking? Thanks!

    Bunnygirl 01/18/2013  9:21am

    Equity slots...
    are there morning appointments left and how many already on the alternate list?
    thanks. much appreciated.

    redgirl 01/18/2013  9:23am

    Appointment available after 11:50.

    FairyPerdita 01/18/2013  10:02am

    who is ITR? thx

    dopplegang 01/18/2013  10:02am

    25 emc 25 non-equity

    Oopsgirl34 01/18/2013  10:10am

    is non-eq waiting or have they dismissed them until after lunch?

    Lola huds 01/18/2013  10:25am

    No clue about noneq. Several EMCs have been seen and the call is running very fast. The 10:30 group FINISHED at 10:35.

    Geoff josselson artistic director
    David Glenn Armstrong director
    Jenny Leon asst. director
    Kimothy? Cruse. PSM

    Pianist Jesse Kissell

    FairyPerdita 01/18/2013  10:37am

    How many EMC were seen?

    Pinuptowngirl 01/18/2013  10:39am

    Geoff is casting director, not artistic dir

    dopplegang 01/18/2013  10:40am

    Are they asking for 16 bars? 5 min for all those people...wow...

    Bunnygirl 01/18/2013  10:54am

    They lined the group up waaaaay too early. (Illegally early actually.)

    You get 32 bars.

    Sorry for the CD mistake.

    Dunno how many EMC sorry. I think at least 11 were before I left.

    FairyPerdita 01/18/2013  11:16am

    Emc's are being seen. On about 18 out of 29.
    AEA alternates no extras on list. Went right in.
    A handful of afternoon appointments open.
    Nice folks behind the desk. Pianist good but scowls. Hmmmmmm.

    redgirl 01/18/2013  11:33am

    Any news about non eq??

    Pinch89 01/18/2013  11:52am

    If you're after # 8 on the non-equ list they said to come back after lunch. See you at 2:30

    Oopsgirl34 01/18/2013  12:10pm

    Anyone know if they have any Equity appointments still available for late in the day? Also a related Equity rules question...are Equity members able to sign up during lunch?

    wishuopna 01/18/2013  1:04pm

    Chances are getting more slim for non-eq and there aren't many appointments left. About 15 on the alternate list.

    Lola huds 01/18/2013  3:07pm

    Did non eq end up getting seen?

    AvatarActor 01/18/2013  7:10pm