• Bump. Anyone have any info on this one? Busy? How are alt/emc/appts. looking for the PM? Any 411 appreciated!

    Actingismylife 01/18/2013  9:46am

    Pretty slow. 5 non eq, about the same EMC, don't know about Equity but they do seem to be moving quickly and said they would be seeing non-eq.

    londoncalling 01/18/2013  9:50am

    How is this one going? Any 411???

    Actingismylife 01/18/2013  11:15am

    Pretty open. Not sure about the afternoon but the morning was pretty quiet and they were moving quickly through the EMC's

    Scarlett O\'Hara 01/18/2013  1:06pm

    Empty afternoon!

    Actingismylife 01/18/2013  2:13pm

    Still spots left. People in the room are super nice!

    hopeful 01/18/2013  3:23pm