• kalani farinha @ Actor's Equity Center 01/19/2013  2:49pm

    heey, my name is kalani im 17 live and sacramento ca, i been doing acting for a while middel school throw high school. i love to do serous acting rather then doing comdey, i have been and a play call geek mythology. im a serous actor and i will like to my first movie auditio.

    kalani farinha

    Welcome to audition update! The best thing to do now is too check out playbill.com or backstage.com and check for auditions there. Then after you go, you can come check the boards out here to see if anyone knows about call backs or casting! Or if you want you can get awesome advice by posting in the bitching section (just title it NAB (not a bitch) and then ask your question! Break a femur!

    peggylee08 01/19/2013  3:12pm

    Umm I would say the first thing to do is go to college! Also, unfortunately this site is focused on NYC auditions, so there won't be much of use to you living in Sacramento. Good luck!

    dopplegang 01/20/2013  10:16am

    ^CORRECT! I'm sorry I assumed that was implied!

    peggylee08 01/20/2013  10:38am