• Ghost - Tour @ 01/20/2013  1:02pm

    Is it true the Ghost tour is going out Non-Equity?


    Oh man! I hope. I would love to see those special affects on a non-eq tour.

    KingJoffrey 01/20/2013  2:51pm

    I thought I had read/heard about it being Non Equity. But, Lance Roberts (Hospital Ghost) told me that it was going to be an equity gig. Sooooo. Who knows?!?

    Sue D'Onimm 01/20/2013  3:42pm

    I'm pretty sure it can't go non-equity before being an initial equity tour....unless its going to be an international affair...then its up for grabs to anyone union or non....i could be wrong?:? but i don't think so....it is definitely going on tour this year though and tara rubin casting is excellent at putting people on, whether they are union or not.:)

    JSL32 01/20/2013  7:32pm

    Catch Me If You Can went out non-eq...

    redredrose 01/20/2013  8:06pm

    Ghost tour?!?!?!? Is there audition information on this yet?!

    lily0209 01/20/2013  8:57pm

    you are totally right redredrose!! I believe it depends on the producers, production value,and how much money the show made on broadway....iseeing as though it didn't do very well on broadway.....it's very possible that it could go non-union, but it also could stay union because of its successful run across the pond AND the new trend of SETA(short engagement tour) contracts....it's all up to the budget I believe....I will be very interested to find out how this cookie crumbles because I myself was up for the show on bway and am an equity member who needs/wants work:(....best of luck everyone! keep us posted if you do hear something new!

    JSL32 01/20/2013  9:36pm

    Somebody explain the SETA contract to me...?

    redredrose 01/20/2013  10:12pm

    SETA=Short Agreement Touring Act. It replaced some of the lower tiers on the Production Contract. You can read the contract on the Equity website but basically it just mean the per diem is reduced and you can do some more split weeks.

    Jubacca940 01/21/2013  12:39am