• Mary Poppins Dance ECC @ Pearl Studios 01/22/2013  9:11am

    can someone please let us know what both the male and female non eq lists look like, once the dust settles?


    I believe this call was cancelled because the show is closing

    4352 01/22/2013  9:27am

    hmm entirely possible- the call is for both broadway and the tour and I only know of the broadway production closing. ill just call pearl lol

    nycgrl4ever 01/22/2013  9:40am

    Cancelled according to AEA website

    Bwayboy123 01/22/2013  10:02am

    Thanks! Couldn't find a cancellation notice on backstage or playbill.

    nycgrl4ever 01/22/2013  10:06am