• PA Shakes @ Ripley Grier 520 01/23/2013  8:07am

    Good morning!

    Anyone there who can give an update as to Equity turnout and/or EMC/Noneq lists?



    To put it lightly, it's a madhouse. They're also auditioning PA Shakes and I also saw a Book of Mormon unofficial list. I think it will calm down once ripley actually opens.

    Betharoo 01/23/2013  8:18am

    If you are willing to brave Ripley today, there is a four-call, mixed (eq, non-eq, and emc), line going from the top of the stairs down the building. Come up the elevator and turn right, and you will be directed that way. To say this is a fire hazard is an understatement.

    womanship 01/23/2013  8:23am

    What is it looking like for Equity? Is there an alternate list?

    Hip Hop Anonymous 01/23/2013  8:28am

    Any idea how this call is looking for EMC? Check back after lunch maybe?

    cait889 01/23/2013  9:24am

    yikes!!! oh well, thanks!

    Sk8ter1916 01/23/2013  9:47am

    Anyone know if there are any Eq appointments left for late in the day, or is everything totally full?

    wishuopna 01/23/2013  9:52am

    Any info on appts/alternate list? thx

    emuhe 01/23/2013  10:01am

    I'm not much help at this point, but EMCs were in the 40s at 8:40...

    sing_happy 01/23/2013  10:13am

    Doesn't look good. I was number 12 on the EMC list and I left at 9:45am because at 9:45am the appointments were filled for the day and the alternate list was up to 26 already.

    lily0209 01/23/2013  10:15am

    Appts are full. Equity alt list at 85, and they've called through #16.

    Spaghetti 01/23/2013  10:52am

    There are 101 equity alternates now.

    They have called through 35.


    Dennis razze assc. Artistic director
    Seth bisen-Hersh accompanist.

    FairyPerdita 01/23/2013  11:48am

    Called through 49.

    FairyPerdita 01/23/2013  12:21pm

    Could someone please check what number they are on the EMC list?

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 01/23/2013  12:44pm

    At least 51.

    FairyPerdita 01/23/2013  12:47pm

    And 122 equity alternates - called through 49. At least 51 EMC. 76 non union.

    FairyPerdita 01/23/2013  12:50pm

    So being number 30 on the EMC list...LOL it's looking like around 4pm I may possibly be seen?

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 01/23/2013  1:18pm

    How is it looking for Non-Eqs now?!

    Mymozza 01/23/2013  2:58pm

    How many are left on the equity list?

    DGWocu 01/23/2013  3:17pm

    The Equity alternate list is up to 144, and the last alternate number they called was 66. It's looking bleak for non-Eq and anyone past 100 on the alternate list. :/

    LiliVonShtupp 01/23/2013  3:26pm