• stevietenu4u

    my friend went today and was 3rd on the EMC list and wasn't seen. It's a 4 hour audition call.

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 01/23/2013  11:50pm

    So no EMCs were seen yesterday?

    ontheway 01/24/2013  12:00pm


    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 01/24/2013  12:06pm

    Any updates? what are the lists looking like?

    dadadadadum 01/24/2013  1:05pm

    Signed up around 1h45p, there were many open appointments and non-eq up to 13. Had to run to the day job, so will update more when I am able to go back down.

    MaeDay 01/24/2013  2:39pm

    Can someone update if the monitor said anything to non-equity re: if we should go home or not? Thx

    caramia 01/24/2013  4:19pm