• MerryGoRound/Fingerlakes @ 01/23/2013  5:46pm

    Hello! I am EMC and showed up to this audition last year and it was a MAD house. I seem to remember the Open call being just as bad, but does anyone know if they're planning on holding an open call this year? I've only seen EPA and appointment breakdowns.


    I believe open call is on February 15th and 16th. There's a few of us going to the local audition on Sunday if you're interested, we definitely have room in the car for 1 more. should be between 35-50 bucks depending on gas and whatnot.

    hkmac728 01/23/2013  8:39pm

    Is it worth going to local auditions if you aren't a local hire?

    Smactor 01/23/2013  11:22pm

    Interested if its worth it as well. I have a car and room for three people but still trying to decide if I wanna go. I'm non eq and while I'm usually not worried about being seen driving four hours one way is a different story... Have any non eq gone before and been seen?

    peggylee08 01/23/2013  11:52pm

    I've made the trip to locals twice in the last handful of years (including last year) and never had trouble getting seen. It's nice because you get a little extra attention since there are far fewer people. Also, Cortland Rep is auditioning not too far away that same weekend, so if you plan it right you can get hit on Saturday and the other on Sunday. Hope this helps :)

    GodImAMover 01/24/2013  7:52am

    Does anyone know how they run the local audition? Will there be any dancing?

    dncr89 01/24/2013  12:57pm

    Peggylee, We have a car rental reservation and room for one more. If you want to join us, please email me at bfainserving@gmail.com. Or if you would rather drive in your car and have us join to pay for gas, that would be even cheaper. Let me know

    BFAinServing 01/24/2013  1:57pm

    There's usually a dance callback later in the day, reading/singing too possibly.

    GodImAMover 01/24/2013  2:58pm