• North Shore EPA Thursday! @ Actor's Equity Center 01/24/2013  9:33am

    Hi all!

    Just starting a thread! :)

    I'm going to check in on how many spots are left and how many emcs are here!


    Can someone update on how it is looking for non-equity today?

    Doggy 01/24/2013  9:54am

    any update yet?

    ARGACE 01/24/2013  10:37am

    Non eq were told to come back after lunch

    la2nycexpress 01/24/2013  10:57am

    Appts full. Small alternate list and monitors who dont really seem to care about getting alternates in.

    janky 01/24/2013  11:02am

    That's too bad :-/, but thanks for the updates guys!

    ARGACE 01/24/2013  11:07am

    Appointments full. Eq standby list growing. EMC list 50+.

    ChaChaDiGregorio 01/24/2013  11:27am

    are they seeing non-equity?

    jph 01/24/2013  12:07pm

    ECM were also just told to come back after lunch. The equity alternate list is continuing to grow. It's at about 20 now & they've seen only 5 or so.

    LegsMcGee 01/24/2013  12:10pm

    Hi there! It would be SO HELPFUL if like right before lunch, perhaps someone could see how many alternates are on the list?


    I Hope well all get seen!

    Abbreviate 01/24/2013  12:58pm

    Before lunch 6/29 alternates had been seen.

    ChaChaDiGregorio 01/24/2013  1:43pm

    Any updates again on that list? Opinions on whether EMC will be seen soon??

    Abbreviate 01/24/2013  2:01pm

    Alt list at 33 and 9 have been seen.

    lilmississy 01/24/2013  2:34pm

    The artistic director came out and was incredibly sweet to the non-eqs but said not going to be able to see non eqs today

    playground91 01/24/2013  3:00pm

    Can someone please have a pst that de-codes all lingo used on here?! and the process of a non equity person at an equity audition?!
    thank you

    rdbadger 01/24/2013  3:03pm

    Better yet, Make a list of the lingo you don't understand and I will translate for you.

    AuditionUpdate 01/24/2013  3:07pm

    Looking grim for emc. 45 alternates, called 21. UGH!

    janky 01/24/2013  3:33pm

    Anyone else have a hard time with the accompanist? I felt like he couldn't find his fingers during my song....and I was singing from classic rep.

    Maybe it was my instructions? Who knows! Just wondering if anyone had a similar experience?

    Actortime 01/24/2013  4:20pm

    What alternate are they at, please?

    ihateauditions 01/24/2013  4:31pm

    rdbadger- I believe Tom is working on an FAQ/Basics page but mostly it all makes sense in context. e.g.
    ITR- in the room
    EMC- equity membership candidate

    Nonequity procedure at an AEA audition: You wait in line until the call begins. Once it begins the monitor will let you sign up on a nonequity list. Then you wait to find out IF the producers are willing to see you and IF there is time to get you in.
    At an EPA equity members with appointments go first, then equity alternates (a&b), then EMC, then nonequity.

    At an ECC equity members go first, then emc/nonequity.

    Hope that helps you get started. Best thing is to chat with a friendly neighbor or monitor at the call if you are unsure. Most people are pretty happy to help out.

    LFC 01/24/2013  4:40pm

    I assume EMCs were not seen. Im not sure if I can do another wait from 6:30 to 4 am day! :((


    Abbreviate 01/24/2013  7:51pm

    yes any help on if any EMC's were seen at all the past 3 days would be helpful!

    librasinger 01/24/2013  7:58pm

    no EMCs seen today. :(

    janky 01/24/2013  8:31pm