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  • They said same place as the initial call (pearl 500)

    funnylady13 11/01/2017  8:28pm

    Are these callbacks from the Beauty and the Beast appts?

    thegigisup 11/02/2017  10:44am

    did you sing/read first or dance? Mine is tomorrow. Come dressed to sing?

    ineedanewscreenname5679123 11/02/2017  11:01am

    For callbacks from the vocalist call we are dressing to sing!

    Heyjude87000 11/02/2017  2:06pm

    Did they say when people might hear by?

    kdahl 11/02/2017  5:16pm

    Thanks hey Jude

    ineedanewscreenname5679123 11/02/2017  9:35pm

    bump for when we may hear by!

    unofficiallist 11/02/2017  10:08pm

    IM guessing that yellow paper some were given is sort of a yes/no type situation? A la American idol?

    Heyjude87000 11/03/2017  11:17am

    The monitor at today’s callbacks said we should hear within a month

    jeaniebean 11/03/2017  1:04pm

    Bump on what the deal is with the yellow paper.

    Tooearlyforthis 11/04/2017  3:32pm

    I got a yellow paper. It was to create a profile with them and it was a pretty basic info sheet. It asked for availability, agent info, if you had a passport etc.

    Mjredd 11/04/2017  4:43pm

    Guys everyone got a yellow paper didn't they??

    ineedanewscreenname5679123 11/04/2017  5:20pm

    not everyone gets a yellow paper. I think if you don't get the yellow paper that means you are no longer in the running for the contract.

    JustTryingToBook 11/04/2017  7:11pm

    Who was ITR for this?

    Heyjude87000 11/05/2017  11:02am

    Ray DeChiara and Ben whose last name I can't remember.

    Tooearlyforthis 11/06/2017  11:59am

    Bump! And Ray was in one room...Jen Mahoney and Amy Berkeley were in another.

    rappydog13 11/07/2017  7:17am

    Just wanting to keep this alive in case someone has heard something.

    Mjredd 11/08/2017  10:26am

    Bump for offers

    Blondie456 11/09/2017  6:52pm

    Female mainstage offer out for the Wonder

    rappydog13 11/11/2017  7:24am

    What track was the female offer for?

    plaidlad 11/11/2017  10:25am

    Bump for more offers or info! :)

    The Only Anastasia Beaverhausen 11/11/2017  10:05pm

    Rappydog r u a returning cast member?

    JustTryingToBook 11/12/2017  7:15pm

    Bump for anymore info.

    JustTryingToBook 11/13/2017  4:37pm

    offer out

    ineedanewscreenname5679123 11/14/2017  10:32am

    Ineedanewscreenname is the offer for the wonder or the Magic? And do you know what for?

    kdahl 11/14/2017  11:22am


    plaidlad 11/14/2017  3:56pm

    be our bump

    unofficiallist 11/14/2017  7:18pm

    Mainstage female preliminary offer out for the Wonder on 11/9 via email, official offer out today via phone call.

    Dancer95 11/14/2017  7:39pm

    Any offers out for the Disney Magic or Twice Charmed?

    Mjredd 11/15/2017  12:00pm


    plaidlad 11/16/2017  3:17pm


    dontrainonmyparade 11/17/2017  3:13pm


    Blondie456 11/18/2017  12:35am


    kdahl 11/18/2017  3:48pm


    Mjredd 11/20/2017  11:07am


    Mjredd 11/20/2017  11:22am


    plaidlad 11/22/2017  12:49pm

    Turkey bump/am I completely delusional to still be asking about this?

    Tooearlyforthis 11/23/2017  9:21pm

    Lots of alumni got offers last week. So yeah

    Mimimarquez 11/23/2017  10:34pm

    Disney Magic Female Mainstage Preliminary Offer Email sent out on 11/22

    shinebright810 11/24/2017  10:02am

    Mimimarquez, are they alumni from the Wonder or the Dream? I haven't seen any Wonder offers yet - have you heard of any?

    Mjredd 11/24/2017  10:48am

    Are all offers out for this?

    Mjredd 11/30/2017  12:39pm

    bump...any offers out for nicole in wishes?

    Yoda722 12/08/2017  9:32pm

    any more offers out? for MainStage or character performer

    charlie9287 12/11/2017  5:20am

    Bump for any tracks in Frozen

    Bruiser Where is Elle 12/12/2017  5:37pm