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  • NAB - John Pallotta 11/10/2017  6:04pm

    Is he the big fish he makes himself out to be?

    Have an audition for a thing of project of his which will go up at The Actors Studio, which is reason enough to go, but I have problems with industry professionals who don't run auditions well. And this doesn't seem to be like it's going to be run well at all...


    i'm pretty sure I audited his class one time when i first moved to NYC and it was jam packed with bro-actors, which was my first time meeting that breed, and everyone was yelling at each other in their scenes, i left shortly after but remembering not being impressed.

    anybody got some tacos? 11/10/2017  7:13pm

    Skip him. He is not.

    JackSkellington 11/11/2017  7:09am

    I took class with him for a few months after undergrad. He wastes time in class telling the same 3 stories over and over/ bragging about coaching people who are doing xy-and-z. His technique just makes every character a psychopath and I felt like most of his students were people who hadn't trained before ever. Maybe I got the wrong vibe from him, but I avoid his stuff in general.

    CatMuse 11/13/2017  8:52pm