• Natasha Pierre... @ Ripley Grier 520 01/24/2013  6:19pm

    Do you think they will see non eq tomorrow? I am home in Philadelphia and can't decide if its worth coming back just for the audition? Afraid of coming back to not even get seen...



    mmcalum 01/24/2013  6:49pm

    I'd love to say yes to this but things have been crizazzzzy this week. especially for something where there's only one day... personally I don't know if I'm gonna brave it

    hkmac728 01/24/2013  6:59pm

    Ok thanks for responding to this. Will people please keep updating this post tomorrow and notify if they are seeing non eq.

    mmcalum 01/24/2013  7:59pm

    10 or so people here. No unofficial list. Looks like were snaking it up folks

    MTAuditionTips 01/25/2013  7:05am

    How many people are we talking now?

    tryintomakeit 01/25/2013  8:30am

    What's it like now? How many emc and non eq?

    la2nycexpress 01/25/2013  8:31am

    Everyones on the same line. About 70 people or so I would guess. Holding room is pretty big so its a bit hard to guesstimate perfectly....

    Bunnygirl 01/25/2013  8:36am

    how are equity appointments/alt list looking?

    harlequin 01/25/2013  9:36am

    EMC and future members will be seen time permitting for a 16 bar audition.

    Bunnygirl 01/25/2013  9:57am

    Who is in the room?

    butwhy 01/25/2013  9:57am

    They had a bunch of afternoon appts open about 20 min ago.

    this is my username 01/25/2013  10:11am

    do you know how many people are on the EMC and non-eq lists, respectively? thank you! any news on how many alternates there are would be helpful too.

    princessconsuela 01/25/2013  10:11am

    Thank you for all these updates. Please continue posting if non eq are seen

    mmcalum 01/25/2013  10:30am

    who is ITR?

    dopplegang 01/25/2013  10:33am

    Who is itr and are there appts left for today?

    butwhy 01/25/2013  10:47am


    updater 01/25/2013  10:59am

    Anyone know if there are appointments left or where the alt. list is at?

    bagelthepig 01/25/2013  11:14am

    Benton Whitley -Casting Director ITR
    Didn't catch the pianist's name but he was good and very nice.

    Bunnygirl 01/25/2013  11:45am

    How many EMC's are there and have any been seen? Thanks.

    Newbie 01/25/2013  11:47am

    No EMC's yet. /:

    armeaffe 01/25/2013  11:51am

    All alternates seen so far. 2 emc seen with 29 on list! About 40 non eq on the list.

    librasinger 01/25/2013  12:20pm

    appts left?

    butwhy 01/25/2013  12:28pm

    Have they said anything about seeing Non Equity people yet?

    HappyActor 01/25/2013  12:53pm

    have they seen any more emc's?

    librasinger 01/25/2013  2:18pm

    1 more emc name called (had wave of alternates so been feeding through those gradually). There's like 27 emcs so not looking great for non eq unless things radically change

    playground91 01/25/2013  2:46pm

    Hey all-

    I got an appointment and I got there after lunch.

    They are flying through the alternate lists.

    Accompanist pretty good- and both very ...nice.

    Break legs!

    BeMused 01/25/2013  3:35pm