• Anyone know anything about Harden Curtis Kirsten Riley Agency? 11/11/2017  6:36pm

    Just read about this new agency on-line. Anyone know anything about them? Worth submittting my materials? Does anyone know if they do open auditions?


    This is Harden Curtis, they just changed their name to add their other two main agents on officially. Small legit boutique and has been around for a while.

    jacobandsons443 11/11/2017  8:48pm

    Thanks. Worth reaching out to? Good reputation? Good quality office?

    Zisazisa 11/12/2017  1:03am

    if you google their clients you would see that of course they are a highly legit and respected agency.

    dopplegang 11/14/2017  8:17am

    Very reputable boutique. Reps alot of theatre actors in NY but also has a strong list of actors working in tv and film. You need to do your research. They are extremely selective. They are tough. They make current clients do mock auditions against each other and then cut some of those clients based on their musical theatre night results. They are one of the topo boutiques with clout.

    JackSkellington 11/14/2017  9:51am

    ^Not sure where you heard that but that’s definitely not a thing they do. That would be straight up barbaric.

    Have been a client at Harden-Curtis for almost four years. They took me on when I first moved to the city. When I first signed with them I was offered representation based on referrals and they didn’t know my work super well, so they said they might have me come sing for them a bit next time they were having auditions for prospective new clients just so they could get a better sense of what I do, but I booked a show before that happened and it never came up again.

    The only auditions they have are for actors they’re considering representing whose work they aren’t familiar with, typically actors new to the business.

    I’ve been very happy there. They’re pretty old school and expect you to work super hard for yourself. They’re huge on communication, too.

    As people above have mentioned, they’re one of the top boutiques in the city and are very selective - will be difficult to get a meeting without a strong referral. And while they don’t have you audition to keep your space on the roster, I’ve heard they do regularly drop clients, but I haven’t had any sense of that.

    Good luck.

    yolo 11/14/2017  3:44pm

    THEY DO NOT PIT CLIENTS AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. Jesus, that is a horrible thing to say when you have no experience with this agency. I have been with them for 2 years and they could not be more supportive and helpful.

    emeraldlion2828 11/14/2017  5:18pm