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  • Be on the Bachelorette, Be on Broadway... WTF? 11/12/2017  7:36pm

    Kaitlyn Bristowe hosts Home for Holidays on Broadway???

    Why is this show even happening?

    Win a singing competition and let’s put you on a broadway stage...

    I can’t imagine this will sell.

    Couldn’t we have filled that with A Christmas Story or White Christmas? :P

    Shall We Dance

    Yeah, it's ridiculous. These are not even people I'd imagine tourists spending big bucks to see.
    That said, I wouldn't qualify this as a Broadway show. It's just a concert/event being held in a Broadway house.

    bwaylvsong 11/13/2017  12:04pm

    ....I don't even know who that is.

    Rain On my Parade 11/13/2017  12:05pm


    bwaylvsong 11/13/2017  12:08pm

    I’ve been wondering the same, but I’m all for holiday/Christmas concert types of things. I need a lift after this year anyway.
    HOWEVER...calling this “Broadway” is ridiculous. I’m hoping to see it for Peter and Evynne, but as much I adore them beyond comprehensible words, them saying they’re “on Broadway” is...yeah no. You happen to be doing a concert that happens to be housed in a Broadway theater. But I love them too much to really care.
    Yeah, I’ve never heard of no one else in this. Because no one remembers these “reality show” winners years later.

    Showbizdreamer 11/13/2017  12:17pm

    But it is on Broadway and therefore is a Broadway show. Sure, maybe not the highest artform, but hey it employs stage hands, ushers, box office staff that would have spent the holiday season unemployed. And hey if it's successful, maybe next year there will be tours, etc.

    Smactor 11/13/2017  1:53pm

    ^^ sorry I have to disagree. This is the same argument people incessantly have over 'non-union off broadway'.

    Broadway shows are production contracts (MAYBE some LORT A+); unless the show is operating under that contract it's not really a Broadway's a show using a Broadway space.

    AFTC 11/13/2017  3:34pm

    Also, stagehands/house staff/etc., are an entirely different union--so their contracts may classify the show differently. But as a performer, unless you're working one of the said 'Broadway contracts' it's a bit of a fib to say you've been on Broadway.

    AFTC 11/13/2017  3:40pm

    ^^ All the above.

    I'm not knocking the thing itself, aka the concert. It's great! I love it, and I love concert types of things! I won't even say it's "Not the highest art form", concerts are just a completely different animal and type of performance than theatre. I'm just saying don't call it what it's not, and what it's NOT is a Broadway show. It's a concert. That's like calling what Cheno did recently, a Broadway show. No it was a concert at the Lunt Fontanne, and I can't imagine her contract not having stated as such/had her paid as such.

    Showbizdreamer 11/13/2017  4:40pm

    So what about Springsteen on Broadway? Is he not really playing "on Broadway"?

    Springfield 11/13/2017  6:48pm

    Correct, contractually he wouldn't be. He's literally just doing an extended concert in a Broadway house. Calling something 'Broadway' is a marketing term--it's not breaking a law to call a show a Broadway just isnt accurate. It's a ploy to sell tickets.

    And notice that a lot of these examples of 'well so and so was in a concert, are you saying they weren't on Broadway?'--these are mostly big stars who are doing a sit-down of a concert they'd likely just do a one nighter of.

    A Broadway credit is a credit you earn by performing under a specific contract. That's it.

    AFTC 11/13/2017  7:15pm

    Hm. Okay. It's still a "Broadway show." It's a show - because there's narration, etc - it's not just a concert. And when Bruce Springsteen gets a special Tony for his "concert," what would you call it then, since Tony's are for Broadway shows...

    Smactor 11/14/2017  8:28pm

    Firstly, why are you arguing? They're literally facts, not opinions.

    Secondly, I was simply stating that a Broadway show has to do with the contracts. Maybe this show/the Springsteen show is/were operating on a Production contract. If so, then great! It's a Broadway show.

    And for clarification, a Special Tony Award is for a production that doesn't fit into any of the competitive categories...hence because it's a show that is appearing on a Broadway stage but not necessarily employing people under Production contracts. Springsteen wrote and is directing the show, though, so that may make him eligible for standard Tony awards...but if he can't get the committee in it's for sure just an option for an honorary award.

    AFTC 11/14/2017  10:19pm

    Again, calling something a "Broadway Show" isn't a crime—especially if it's in a house like the Kerr or August Wilson. People sometimes say shows at Radio City are Broadway shows...they're not even under AEA contracts (unless that's changed from AGVA recently).

    A lot of the vernacular has to do with marketing and ticket sales. You just have to be aware of the contractual differences as an actor because you will DEFINITELY come across a casting director who will know the ins/outs and go "you're lying. you weren't on Broadway"...and they'd pretty much be correct.

    AFTC 11/14/2017  10:26pm

    The point of this thread was the fact that a contestant on the bachelorette is on broadway.

    Y’all have taken it way “off topic”

    Shall We Dance 11/15/2017  10:37am

    "You just have to be aware of the contractual differences as an actor because you will DEFINITELY come across a casting director who will know the ins/outs and go "you're lying. you weren't on Broadway"...and they'd pretty much be correct."

    Right, but you're comparing apples to oranges. Somebody booking Gallery Players and calling it "Off-Broadway" is not the same as a mega superstar like Bruce Springsteen calling his show "Springsteen on Broadway". No, it's not under an AEA contract, but who cares? It's not like he's trying to pull the wool over our eyes by hyping up his newbie concert. He's ON BROADWAY.

    I do agree you shouldn't lie on your resume by upgrading your credits, but it's not a fair comparison once somebody reaches that level of stardom.

    Springfield 11/15/2017  12:21pm

    I just don't think homegirl from The Bachelorette claiming she's "on Broadway" is that far fetched or insane. She literally is.

    Smactor 11/15/2017  9:31pm

    the point is.

    1) people work their whole lives to get to broadway. they train from a young age, take classes as adults, struggle as a non-union to be seen, get that next level emc show, then finally their union card.

    2) this hunty was on a TV SHOW--she was a runner-up at her first "attempt" and now is "on broadway"

    i'm just a little sick by this.

    Shall We Dance 11/15/2017  10:46pm


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    EpaMonitor 11/26/2017  6:28pm

    I saw this tonight. Honestly, I really enjoyed it! People are so f*cking snobby. If you go in expecting the kind of concert you'd see in Las Vegas or Atlantic City of "famous" people singing American Idol-style renditions of Christmas songs, you'll have a great time. Candice Glover was the stand-out, and the band members were living their best life. Bachelorette lady had maybe five minutes of stage time. It was worth every penny of the $40 I spent for a rear mezz seat and I was automatically moved to the front mezz.

    bwaylvsong 12/21/2017  9:04pm