• Summer Season @ Millbrook Playhosue 01/27/2013  2:17pm

    Has anyone ever auditioned or worked for Millbrook Playhouse? It's a non-eq theatre, and on their website, they mentioned having auditions in NYC in March for their summer shows. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience at this theatre!


    I have worked there two summers in a row. The first summer i was there was amazing and magical and i could not wait to go back! But this past summer was taken over by a new artistic director, and things were different. Not bad, but different. I think it was just a little unorganized with someone new in charge. The town that it is in is totally supportive and the board really makes you feel at home.

    Please note that the pay is really bad, and food they provide is not always the best. Also the dorms they put you in do not have air conditioning.

    But they do bring in some super kick ass directors who i am still in contact with!

    needadrink 01/27/2013  6:51pm