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  • NAB: Purple Tulip Media 12/04/2017  3:18pm

    Hey guys. I just booked a commercial for Turkish Airlines through Purple Tulip Media, I've never done a commercial before, so I can't tell if this offer seems sketchy? Has anyone worked with them before or know anything about this? Thanks!


    It is a scam. They use that phony commercial to get your info and then send you information about another commercial and will give you a phony cheque.

    StuffandThings 12/04/2017  3:31pm

    did you book it through an agent or casting director? If not, it's likely not terribly legit. or it's a spec and pays next to nothing.

    dopplegang 12/04/2017  3:31pm

    I need more info too, because i also received the notice saying that I booked it.

    Itsmerighthere 12/06/2017  8:40am

    I need more info too, because i also received the notice saying that I booked it.

    Itsmerighthere 12/06/2017  8:49am

    Helpful tip: Whenever asking if something is sketchy, post the email you received so we can see if there are red flags.

    In this particular case, someone above already said it's a scam, so there's your answer! But in general, it helps to see the email you were sent.

    Most obvious red flags: if you get an email out of the blue saying they want to cast you (even though you never auditioned or even submitted for the project), it's a scam. Likewise, if they want to send you a check for MORE than the amount you're supposedly being paid, and ask you to send the extra money somewhere else (for costumes, transportation, or whatever other reason), that's a scam.

    actorsmom 12/06/2017  9:22am

    Recent thread on this

    StuffandThings 12/06/2017  10:29am

    Did you get a tracking number ? Are they talking to you about payment and transportation? It might be legit

    Blah123 12/07/2017  4:45am

    Again: if you think it "might be legit" but you're not sure, post the communication you've received so we can see if there are red flags.

    actorsmom 12/07/2017  8:04am

    I'm doing the same commercial I spoke with the director his name is Brad Hormon. I'm going to send the email I received

    Rmelly 12/07/2017  10:18am

    We have acknowledged the receipt of your information via email, and have properly examined it . After going through your profile and headshot, Our highly esteemed Team Of Professionals have been able to access your credibility and potential.

    Based on this fact, the Board of Purple Tulip Media have decided to grant you an opportunity to partake in this shoot. On the above subject matter, Purple Tulip Media hereby congratulates you on your successful emergence. It is a great honor to work with you on this project and more projects in the nearest future. Congratulations and welcome! We hope you will have an amazing time working with us, we are looking forward for the success of this project with you. We believe in your skills, talents and knowledge that you can use for our clients and company’s improvement.

    Note that our make-up artist shall be responsible for your make-up at the shooting location, except for your clothing/wardrobe that will be shipped to you by a fashion designer after we pass all request for your wardrobe to the designer as mentioned in the last email.

    Please be informed that you are NOT responsible for the funds that you will use to pay for your wardrobe, the funds will be mailed in one payment to you alongside with that of your booking fee I.e. { your advanced payment USD 450, plus extra amount for wardrobe cost and shipping fee all on one check. As soon as you receive the check and deduct USD 450 endorsed for your booking fee, the rest of the funds are meant for your wardrobe, customization, Shipment insurance and shipment charges.

    Further details are as follows:

    REMUNERATION : Your total take home for this project is $5,950 USD [ (You will be paid an Upfront of $450(for your booking fee ), (Balance : $5,500 to be paid immediately after the shoot before you leave the location)

    RETAINER, PRE-NEGOTIATIONS & WARDROBE EXPENSES : You’ll receive An All-In-One Check for $4,975.99 to cover for your booking fee ($450) and that of your wardrobe. You’ll be using the difference ($4,525.99) for your wardrobe as soon as the funds clears your bank, further instructions on how to obtain your wardrobe will be provided to you. Please confirm that you understand and agree.

    LOCATION OF THE SHOOT : The shooting will be taken place downtown New York . The details of the location and production crew will be communicated to you 48 hours to the shoot as part of our security policy . The security of all talents and crew member is paramount to us . I hope you understand ?

    OTHER REQUIREMENTS : You must be able to take directions and easy to work with. Good working relationship can mean long term working relationship with the company.

    MEASUREMENT & STATS: Kindly furnish us with the information below where applicable.

    Shoe size :
    Shirt size :
    Pant size :
    Boot size :
    Jean size :
    Bust :
    Waist :
    Weight :
    Height :

    I'd like you to confirm the information below for issuance of payment check for your booking fee and wardrobe. I am doing this for accuracy so that the payment won't be sent to a wrong information.

    RELEASE & CONTRACT LETTER : The release and agreement letter has been attached below, kindly download it, sign it and revert via email. You can also sign it electronically. Please be kind to send the measurement & stats and contract letter as soon as possible as we cannot proceed without it.

    If you don’t have a print or cannot sign the model release, you can sign the attestation below :

    ATTESTATION : I, the undersigned, do hereby attest that I have read, understood and agree to the terms and condition of the actor/model release form attached to this email.

    Rmelly 12/07/2017  10:22am

    Thank you for the prompt response . I received your Signed Contract and Measurements . I will keep you posted as soon as the payment check for your booking fees and wardrobe has been mailed out to you . I will provide you with the tracking number and instruction on what to do in an email . You script will be mailed to you along with your wardrobe . Thank you so much and we re so happy we finally found you to work on this commercial . I will speak to you soon and please if your address changes do not hesitate to let me know the new address by email .

    Rmelly 12/07/2017  10:24am

    Then I asked the question about the flight and hotel. And he said:

    You are welcome. Your hotel and flight ticket will be mailed to you along with your wardrobe . Please do let me know if you will be coming with anyone .

    Rmelly 12/07/2017  10:26am

    ^ With respect because maybe you're new to the scams of the business, please don't fall for any of this or get excited. It's definitely a scam, using virtually the same language as many scams before it.

    Snarky 12/07/2017  10:35am

    I figured it was that's why I asked more questions.

    Rmelly 12/07/2017  10:37am

    Okay, once again loudly for those in the back. If a company wants to send you more than you're supposedly being paid, and wants you to use the extra money for something else, such as wardrobe, it is a scam!!! Do not fall for it!!! Never, ever accept an offer where they want to send you more money than your supposed to be paid. They will send you a bad check, you will deposit it, it will appear to clear your account, you will take out money from your account and send it by Western Union to the scam artist, and then a week later, your bank will tell you that the check was fraudulent and will remove that money from your account. So you will not have the money you are paid, and you will have lost the money you sent for the scammers, please do not fall for this!!!

    actorsmom 12/07/2017  10:41am

    I figured it was that's why I asked more questions.

    Rmelly 12/07/2017  10:42am

    Well seeing that I don't use bank accounts anyways no money and bad checks would have gotten cashed.I do appreciate it tho.

    Rmelly 12/07/2017  10:47am

    I was contacted by Purple Tulip to schedule an audition for the Turkish Airlines commercial after submitting for it on Actors Access. When I tried to reply via Vmail, I found that Actors Access had deactivated the Purple Tulip account for violating the Actors Access/ Breakdown Services terms of service. I.e., they were banned from further posting on the site. They weren't specific, by I am guessing they discovered that Purple Tulip wasn't on the up-and-up, and didn't want subscribers to be scammed.

    SusanCD 12/07/2017  2:05pm

    Didn’t even finish reading the email to know it’s scammy.

    The wording alone is off and AGAIN, I agree about sending you upfront costs NOBODY would do this. Also if it’s a commercial, you’ll get that through an agent usually. You’ll likely never ‘submit yourself’. And if you didn’t have any kind of callback or reading of the product material or anything like that? SCAM.

    Rain On my Parade 12/09/2017  1:30pm

    Did you get a tracking number ? Are they talking to you about payment and transportation? It might be legit

    Blah123 01/06/2018  3:08am

    Blah123, did you read through this thread? IT IS A SCAM. IT IS NOT LEGIT. End of story.

    actorsmom 01/06/2018  6:26am

    "Our highly esteemed Team Of Professionals have been able to access your credibility and potential." Oh. Dear. God. If they have to promote themselves that way...

    Past Tense 01/06/2018  1:57pm