• Ragtime Asolo @ 12/05/2017  8:35am

    Anyone get a callback after yesterday's appointments?


    Got called in for today. Thought they were only seeking non-eq but guess not.

    bridgetunnel 12/05/2017  9:20am

    Appointments were supposed to be yesterday and callbacks today. Did they change the schedule? The appointments were for Equity actors.

    Tawanda 12/05/2017  10:05am

    I'm not sure. I just know that for the role I was just asked for they were seeking non-eq but have now seemed to be open to it being an equity track now.

    bridgetunnel 12/05/2017  10:40am

    Break a leg!!

    Tawanda 12/05/2017  11:26am

    Bumps for Coalhouse friend offer

    ThinMints55 12/06/2017  11:01am


    ThinMints55 12/07/2017  5:32pm