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  • My Fair Lady EPA 12/06/2017  5:51am

    Unofficial Non-Equity list is up. 3 people signed in


    How many people there now?

    TaylorAnn 12/06/2017  6:28am

    Still 3

    jf5588 12/06/2017  6:47am

    Please post who is ITR

    Jdance 12/06/2017  9:54am

    Any info on if seeing non equity?

    Spashn! 12/06/2017  10:25am

    Patrick Goodwin from Telsey

    bolognese 12/06/2017  11:03am

    have any equity alternates been seen? / how long is the alternate list ?

    shells&scales 12/06/2017  11:04am

    Patrick Goodwin from Telsey

    bolognese 12/06/2017  11:15am

    Any updates on alt list or emc?

    Kjj 12/06/2017  11:53am

    Any Aea appointments available? Tnx in advance for any updates

    Captainmj 12/06/2017  12:25pm

    Have they seen any non-eq today?

    jrmcats89 12/06/2017  1:31pm

    It’s wide open for emc and non equity!

    Spashn! 12/06/2017  1:37pm

    Patrick Goodwin from Telsey

    bolognese 12/06/2017  2:06pm

    anyone still there/are they still seeing non-eq?

    amb510 12/06/2017  2:33pm