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  • Beautiful @ Pearl Studios 12/07/2017  10:51am

    Ladies auditions start at 2 tomorrow. Any ideas on when alt list will start?


    There is no ALT list at a Chorus Call. If you mean the non-eq list, it will likely start early in the morning, before the men's call.

    sosayethi 12/07/2017  11:03am

    Have they seen many non eq in the past?

    imanactorhireme 12/07/2017  4:15pm

    List is posted upstairs on the 12th floor

    dance1321 12/08/2017  4:14am

    They’re letting people inside?

    Koolkid16 12/08/2017  5:04am

    Doors were open.

    Female unofficial non eq at 15 at 5:50

    happymagicbr2 12/08/2017  5:36am

    How many on the non-eq list now?

    Hmilne1229 12/08/2017  6:26am

    Any update?

    SP 12/08/2017  7:06am

    Non-list 32 female
    Forgot to look at exact number for men but it was under 10

    highvoltage 12/08/2017  7:31am

    Non-eq list. Sorry, walking and typing

    highvoltage 12/08/2017  7:35am

    Any updates on if they will see non-eq?

    Westvillian 12/08/2017  9:15am

    Would someone mind posting if the women’s list is transferred for non-eq? Thank you!

    SP 12/08/2017  9:23am

    Any updates on if they will see non-eq?

    Westvillian 12/08/2017  9:25am

    Ladie's unofficial list has been transferred! 42 names as of 9:51

    Chunky_theflag 12/08/2017  9:37am

    Non eq updates?

    ebm2014 12/08/2017  10:29am

    Does anyone know if they will be seeing non-eq men?

    Chunky_theflag 12/08/2017  11:07am

    BUMP if they are seeing non eq men

    Badandboujee 12/08/2017  11:55am

    Just left and they had broken for lunch, buuuut they didn’t leave the Men’s list out, so I’m assuming they felt they had their time full already. Don’t quote me, but that’s my assessment.

    jtmt14 12/08/2017  12:41pm

    Any word for noneq ladies?

    singsangsung15 12/08/2017  1:49pm

    Is it a lost cause to show up men’s non-eq now?

    Thanks for the updates

    tigerbeat225 12/08/2017  1:51pm

    List closed for equity?

    bananabread 12/08/2017  2:42pm

    Have they called any non eq? If so through what number?

    Puck.Rose 12/08/2017  3:02pm

    All eq women called. They're now typing out non eq

    imanactorhireme 12/08/2017  3:11pm

    All eq women called. They're now typing out non eq

    imanactorhireme 12/08/2017  3:14pm

    dang- did they type by headshot? is it too late for non-eq women to head over now?

    janisjoplinmanuel 12/08/2017  3:38pm