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  • Ghosted 12/07/2017  3:57pm

    What if you've been ghosted by your agent? I'm talking, no auditions, hardly any replies to emails, contract signed but no where to be found.

    Is it shitty to look for a new agent? Is it breaking my contract (again, a contract I have never seen except for when I signed it, even though I have asked for it repeatedly)?


    If you signed an AEA agency contract, shouldn't you have a copy of it, as well?

    Zisazisa 12/07/2017  5:40pm

    I was told they would email me an electronic copy, which I never received (I asked for it many times). They are actually a very reputable agency, but in recent months have been a bit disorganized.

    LetTheSunshineIn 12/07/2017  5:48pm

    I once had this happen with a new agency I signed with. They were an LA agency that opened a NY office. I was referred to them and signed without meeting them. I secured no auditions. And I emailed the agent numerous times and received no response until I emailed him saying I was leaving. At that point he and the head LA agent began bad mouthing me about how I was no loss to them because no casting directors were interested in me... they were wrong. They were the same with other actors and bad mouthed them as well. I left them after three months and no communication or a single audition. And I was happy leaving them. I also sent them a certified letter.

    Aside from that experience, I communicate with my rep. on a fairly regular basis. Managers communicate more often (my manager and I communicated sometimes several times a day via phone, text, or email). My agent and I only communicate when I have auditions, book, or book out. And sometimes I'll send updates. And she responded via email. My other agent responds much less and we go months without speaking.

    When was the last time you spoke to your agent? How do you usually communicate? How long have you been with them? Are you still auditioning through them? What's your relationship like? You don't want to hound them but they should also follow up to your emails if they're justified. If I was with an agent and they weren't responding to my emails and I wasn't auditioning through them I would try to send a final email or two with them to see why there has been a lack of communication and what you can do on your end to help them. If they don't respond then I would reread my contact, consider my options, and consider sending them an email and certified letter terminating your professional relationship.

    JackSkellington 12/07/2017  6:26pm

    You should have a copy of your contract. With one agent my contract was done electronically and I saved a copy. With the other agent they mailed me, via snail mail, a copy of my contract a week or two after we signed.

    JackSkellington 12/07/2017  6:27pm

    If you do not receive any auditions in a 3-month period through your agent, you are free to leave them and sign with someone else.

    sinsajo 12/08/2017  9:57am

    Just to correct Sinsajo, the 3 month clause on AEA contracts is if you have not booked any work in 90 days. Not 90 days with no auditions.

    Zisazisa 12/08/2017  11:10am

    ^^^Sure the wording is different, but no auditions translates into not booking work anyway...can’t book unless/until you audition.

    Showbizdreamer 12/08/2017  11:12am

    It's a big difference in language. If your agent gets you one audition a week for 3 months, but no jobs come of it, you can get out of the contract. But under the incorrect language used above, you cannot get out of the contract.

    Zisazisa 12/08/2017  1:09pm

    Well I just double-checked the wording and you are right, it's an offer of employment. That just never made any sense to me, because it's not up to the agent to get you an offer, just up to them to get you in the room for things... so I always assumed it was 3 months with no audition. But I stand corrected.

    sinsajo 12/08/2017  1:17pm