• Sound of Music @ Nola Studios 01/28/2013  9:09pm

    NAB but i just wanted to know what the deal was with sound of music...what time are people getting there? is there an unnoficial list? Updates in the morning would be appreciated! Happy Auditioning!!

    dead girl walking

    Is this call tomorrow? Where is it posted? Thanks! :)

    JustJudy 01/28/2013  9:20pm

    People will be in the building for Fireside, so I imagine it might be busy, but not that busy. You'll get seen.

    Smactor 01/29/2013  12:16am
    ArtisticIntegrity 01/29/2013  2:15am

    bump...anyone there yet?

    srp326 01/29/2013  5:37am

    62 on list

    perkypants 01/29/2013  6:35am

    Any update on this list?

    tryintomakeit 01/29/2013  7:07am

    Any update on this list?

    tryintomakeit 01/29/2013  7:08am

    List is up to 122

    littleone 01/29/2013  7:38am

    List up to 175

    CockeyedOptimistSometimes 01/29/2013  8:08am

    Up to 202!

    Thtrchik 01/29/2013  8:33am

    What floor is this on?

    DGWocu 01/29/2013  9:10am

    11th floor!

    srp326 01/29/2013  9:16am

    They are honoring the unofficial list and not typing as of yet. List up to 223

    sngrgirl1 01/29/2013  9:20am

    The monitor said they're calling in groups of 10

    DGWocu 01/29/2013  9:23am

    In order to see everyone they are doing 8 bars

    sngrgirl1 01/29/2013  9:29am

    They're moving QUICKLY up here so if you're a higher number at fireside it's not a terrible idea to check in upstairs.

    sks347 01/29/2013  10:05am

    Are they typing?

    littleone 01/29/2013  10:08am

    what number are they on now?

    perfectfootslut 01/29/2013  10:11am

    Can people update every 30 mins what number they are on so people at fireside/pearl know when to head over! Thanks everyone :).

    tryintomakeit 01/29/2013  10:17am

    Monitor is just pulling whoever is in the room since a lot of people are downstairs. She's called over a hundred and is just taking whichever 10 are present. If you miss your number, she's filling in.

    ner237 01/29/2013  10:28am

    Are they there until 6pm?

    kitkat500 01/29/2013  10:46am

    Lined up thru 72 but if you are skipped will put you back in

    sngrgirl1 01/29/2013  10:52am

    We are here until 5

    sngrgirl1 01/29/2013  11:16am

    anyone know when they are taking lunch?

    dopplegang 01/29/2013  11:42am

    They've gotten through about 110.

    curlygrl63 01/29/2013  11:49am

    Did they close the list or can people still sign up?

    Newbie 01/29/2013  11:53am

    What number are they on?

    DGWocu 01/29/2013  1:15pm

    What number have the called up to?

    nyauditioner 01/29/2013  2:13pm

    They just called up to 236. Maybe 20 people to be seen before 236 gets to sing.

    singerswhodance 01/29/2013  2:16pm

    How late are they going to be there?

    DGWocu 01/29/2013  4:36pm

    I know that callbacks were given after each group went, but for those of us that ran to another audition, does anyone know if they're making calls/emails about call backs?

    MTAuditionTips 01/29/2013  5:48pm

    Can anyone be so kind as to let me know who all was in the room? (those three guys)

    dracomalfroy2001 01/31/2013  4:14pm