• Ogunquit EPA 1/29 @ Actor's Equity Center 01/29/2013  8:23am

    If anyone is at the EPA today, please share if they are maybe seeing EMCs today or definitely not since there's an open call. Thanks!


    Any news now that the monitor has arrived?

    librasinger 01/29/2013  8:32am

    Anyone know what number they're at for the EMCs if they're seeing emc today? Or what the list looks like overall?

    nxd262 01/29/2013  9:10am

    There are 22 EMC's signed up.

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 01/29/2013  9:42am

    Any news if there are still appointments available or how many on the alternate list?

    LiliVonShtupp 01/29/2013  9:56am

    All appointments are taken, and were taken by 9:15am. It is now alternate list only.

    Elmiragulch 01/29/2013  10:12am

    Don't know exact number,but alt list pretty long as of 45 min ago

    sing_happy 01/29/2013  10:14am

    All times are taken, & there are over 50 alternates. I just took the #22 on EMC list

    RedRachel 01/29/2013  10:18am

    Does anyone know what number they are up to on the alternate list? Thanks

    Elmiragulch 01/29/2013  10:48am

    EMCs check back in after lunch.

    nikki113 01/29/2013  11:15am

    Are they seeing non-eq?

    jph 01/29/2013  1:59pm

    What's going on over there? have they started on the EMC list?

    ravenclaw 01/29/2013  4:12pm