• 3threat

    Wait this post doesn't make sense. Are you saying you had a callback today or to post when we hear about callbacks???

    BabyDriverNYC 01/05/2018  10:09pm

    They held Callbacks today.

    3threat 01/05/2018  10:13pm

    From the open call yesterday, callbacks we're today? Or is this from the open call last week?

    BabyDriverNYC 01/05/2018  10:53pm

    Callbacks today were from the open call on the 3rd and 4th. Anyone hear about a 2nd call back? :)

    Singsingsing25 01/05/2018  11:01pm

    Both men and women called in today?

    BabyDriverNYC 01/05/2018  11:12pm

    Yea saw both men & women

    Singsingsing25 01/05/2018  11:49pm

    @singsingsing all roles?

    unnaturallygreen 01/06/2018  8:19am

    I just got an initial appointment for MIMI for the end of the January, callbacks will be held end of January/first of Feb!

    hamiltonsbae 01/06/2018  8:40am

    Not 100% sure if it was all roles. Seems like there are still days of intial calls backs left, so it’s just the waiting game until the end of the month to be certain. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Singsingsing25 01/06/2018  2:16pm

    I saw angels, joannes, rogers, marks when i was there.

    Cb was fri from the open call thurs.

    Break legs!

    bewp 01/06/2018  3:08pm

    I also saw Mimi‘s, Maureen’s and ebsemble/understudies! Hope that helps :)

    3threat 01/06/2018  3:27pm

    bennys and collins were there too!

    blackandgold 01/07/2018  12:04pm

    So for people who were at the initial callback, should we be familiar with the 2nd callback material just in case since no one heard anything yet?

    thamyrisa 01/08/2018  1:49pm

    Always good to have the next sides prepared but those callbacks aren’t until the end of the month according to the sides packet. Anyone heard anything on those callbacks yet?

    S3NYC 01/10/2018  12:29am


    blackandgold 01/11/2018  9:00am

    Was anyone called back for later this month?

    LittleVoice 01/13/2018  1:40am