• NAB: Equity theatre question 01/05/2018  10:27pm

    What does it mean if a regional theatre is an "equity contract small professional company"? If hired, can they give you an Equity contract or EMC points?


    It probably means that they're producing under Equity's Small Professional Theater (SPT) Agreement. In general, yes, these companies can give you your card.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Regional Vice President - #SIDforAEA 01/05/2018  11:15pm

    Although, a quick google search of "equity contract small professional company" only brings up one company that uses that terminology (it's Savannah Rep), and they produce under the Special Appearance contract. You cannot get your card on a Special Appearance contract.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Regional Vice President - #SIDforAEA 01/05/2018  11:47pm

    Thank you for your reply! What does that mean for someone who's not equity? They said they paid $275 for the Special Appearance Agreement. Would non-union get paid the same?
    Also, I believe their audition at the Shetler Studios was an Equity audition.

    JJ2017 01/13/2018  5:24am