• Musicals Tonight @ other 01/06/2018  10:21pm

    Hey! Did anybody hear about a callback after the Friday EPA?



    equitypoverty 01/07/2018  2:46am

    agent appts are this week, so cbs will probably go out after that

    unofficiallist 01/07/2018  10:31am

    Boys from Syracuse ensemble callback tomorrow.

    okcmusicgal 01/08/2018  2:06pm

    bump for callbacks for other 2 shows

    bananabread 01/10/2018  7:45pm


    jerry2229 01/12/2018  9:13pm

    I know of several offers out for Syracuse

    unofficiallist 01/13/2018  4:13pm

    I know for syracuse but any for the others?

    jerry2229 01/13/2018  4:16pm

    Backstage had separate EPAs for these over three weeks?

    iKruse 01/13/2018  5:14pm