• NAB - New AEA Member 01/12/2018  8:28pm

    Hi friends quick question,

    I recently got my equity card but haven’t received the actual card. My email says “welcome and you will receive your card in the mail in 2-3 weeks” it has my member Number and I have paid completely. Do I have to go get a temporary card every time I go to an audition before I get my actual card in the mail or is this email sufficient?

    Thank you!!


    Get a temp card. So much easier! And they can do it in a second cause it’s literally like a post it lol

    Noonemournsthenoneq 01/12/2018  11:29pm

    Hold on to your temporary card until your official one comes. Works everytime and they print it out right at the membership department. I joined in Oct was told I would recieve mine by early Dec and it never came. I had them re-issue me one again and I just got my offcial card today.

    Iluvgiraffes 01/13/2018  12:10am

    anyone know if membership will be open on Monday with the holiday?

    InittoWinit 01/13/2018  9:49am

    Yes, get a temporary card.

    No, the office won't be open on Monday for the holiday.

    Sid Solomon, AEA Eastern Regional Vice President - #SIDforAEA 01/13/2018  10:35am